Third Christmas cards set

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Another set of 15 Christmas cards designed for Christmas:

  • Acorn elf delivers presents like Santa Claus on a sleigh with a reindeer
  • Acorn elf gives gifts to a snowman, his friend and a cat
  • Acorn elves traditionally steal gingerbreads
  • Acorn elf plays with the reindeer and feeds the golden pig
  • Acorn elves kissing under the mistletoe
  • Acorn elf eats a biscuit intended for Santa Claus
  • Acorn elf plays with Christmas decorations
  • Acorn elf as a cherub
  • Acorn elf reading a book on the Christmas tree
  • Acorn elf in a boat among other shell boats

 The set contains 15 unique B6 size motifs - just under 13 × 18 cm (a classic postcard postage stamp is sufficient for posting). The back side is equally original - the lines for writing the address are made with oak twigs.