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Fridge magnets, stickers for different uses, magnets with opener.

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adventni samolepky 1
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150 Kč

A set of  24 Acorn elves stickers to create an advent calendar not only for children. There are 24 large round stickers for each day on one sheet and the gaps between them...

1422/6 M
Dubnetky – mag(net)ic acorn elves puzzle, DIY kit
449 Kč

Do you want to build your own Acorn elf, but you are not skilled enough to work with a melt gun or you don't have a supply of acorns and other natural materials? No matter, from...

Acorn elves wall stickers
from 79 Kč

Large acorn elves wall stickers - ideal as decoration for children's room. There are both stickers with photographic motifs and one-colour stickers with drawn acorn people. You...

nalepky male
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150 Kč

2x3 sheets of Acorn elves stickers with Czech texts - funny messages, announcements for different occasions. Set contains two different sheets in three copies. They are A5...

nalepky stavebnice
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150 Kč

Several sheets of stickers for assembling Acorn elves - each sheet contains almost 150 stickers, which can be used to assemble 14 Acorn elves (11 boys and 3 Acorn elves girls):...

postcrossing stickers a5 nahled
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150 Kč

A total of 7 identical sheets of Acorn elves stickers for postcrossing or generally for sticking on postcards and letters. The sheets are A5 size (15 x 20 cm) and each sheet...

Acorn elves stickers
150 Kč

Set of 7 pages of Acorn elves stickers. The pages are A5 size (15 x 20 cm) and contain together more than 80 different stickers with which children can decorate their things,...

nove placky
160 Kč

Set of 4 badges with Acorn elves motifs with a diameter of 58 mm, three of them have a classic closing pin and the last one serves as a bottle opener and is equipped with a...

Acorn elves magnets
180 Kč

Finally, the Acorn elves have their own little fridge magnets. The set contains a total of 19 magnets, 11 of which are rectangular in shape (7 x 5 cm) and 8 square (5 x 5 cm)....

Smaller badges with Acorn elves
160 Kč

After the success of the set of large Acorn elves badges, I prepared another set, this time with a smaller diameter.  The set includes three 44 mm diameter badges with...