How to shop

Payment options


You pay the money when you receive the goods.

Bank transfer

Instant payment via online banking. The ComGate payment gateway will redirect you to your online banking, where you log in as usual and confirm the prepared payment order. 

Bank Logos

On completion of the payment you will be redirected back to the store. Payment is confirmed immediately, we will proceed with the order without delay.

If you wish to pay directly to our account, please use the following information:

Account Number: 2900570323/2010 (FIO bank)
Variable Symbol. Please enter your order number (otherwise the payment will not be paired), it is in the format 2180XXX

Payments from abroad sometimes need the following information:
IBAN: CZ2220100000002900570323

Online card

The fastest way to pay online. Enter your card number, expiration date and CV code - three numbers found in the signature strip on the back of your card - into the ComGate payment gateway interface. It's all secured with the 3D Secure standard, so you'll likely be asked to enter a numeric code, which you'll receive via text message from your bank.

Online payments

Online payments are handled for us by payment gateway ComGate. The service provider, ComGate Payments, a.s., is a licensed Payment Institution operating under the supervision of the National Bank. Payments made through the payment gateway are fully secure and all information is encrypted.

ComGate Payments, a.s.
Gočárova třída 1754 / 48b, Hradec Králové
Tel:  +420 228 224 267

Shipping and payment

We currently offer the following shipping and payment methods within the Czech Republic:

  • Zasilkovna for 69 CZK (+ 30 CZK COD) - there are more than 750 outlets across the country to choose from
  • DPD for 119 CZK (+30 CZK for cash on delivery) - prepayment and cash on delivery
  • Czech Post for 139 CZK - (+30 CZK for COD) - payment in advance and COD

We can also send goods abroad, specifically:

  • Slovakia: Zasilkovna 100 CZK + 30 CZK cash on delivery / DPD for 119 CZK + 30 CZK cash on delivery
  • Germany: 140 CZK + 160 CZK cash on delivery
  • Austria: 140 CZK + 160 CZK cash on delivery
  • Poland + Hungary + Romania: 100 CZK + 30 CZK cash on delivery
  • Great Britain: 180 CZK, cash on delivery not possible
  • Ireland: 240 CZK, cash on delivery not possible
  • France: 215 CZK, cash on delivery not possible
  • Belgium + Netherlands: 200 CZK, cash on delivery not possible
  • Ukraine: 150 CZK + 60 CZK cash on delivery
  • Other EU countries: 250 CZK, cash on delivery not possible

Bank account

When paying in advance on account, please pay the order to our account (you will receive information in your email) and enter the order number as variable symbol. We will start working on your order only after you have paid for it.

Delivery time

Your order is processed by the printer, who also prints most of the products directly. Therefore, the shipping time may vary. Normally, however, printed paper goods are shipped within 2-3 days.

Basic black and white t-shirts are shipped within 4-5 business days of receiving your order. If you choose a color base shirt, any children's size t-shirt, or choose any other base shirt (or other fabric) from Malfini (formerly Adler), we will ship within 7-9 business days.

To speed up your order, please choose payment on delivery - cash on delivery.


If you are not satisfied with the goods, you can return them within 14 days without giving a reason. Just pack it and send it back to the printer's address:

Eintopf s.r.o.
Nerudova 50, 441 01 Podbořany
Czech Republic

Please also include a cover letter with the returned goods, stating the order number and your bank account number so that we know how much to return and where to return it to. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us.

Exchanging items

If your t-shirt size doesn't fit, please pack it up and send it back to the printer:

Eintopf s.r.o.
Nerudova 50, 441 01 Podbořany
Czech Republic

Please also attach a cover letter with the goods, in which you will indicate the order number, requested new size and also how we are to deliver the new T-shirt to you (post, PPL, parcel service). If you are not sure, don't be afraid to contact us.