About the Acorn elves shop

How did it all start?

I'm a graphic designer and I like to design. Whether it's websites, business cards or other printed materials. Most of them I just make on my own and sell them to international photo agencies or clients on commission. But I've always wanted to have some sort of e-shop and offer my own products in it. When the photos of Acorn elves started having such success on the internet I started designing Acorn elves products and with this website I am kind of fulfilling my dream as well.

flatika-smallFor a few years I sold my printed goods under my Flatika - one man shop brand, but since 80 percent of all orders were for Acorn elves, I decided to incorporate the e-shop directly into the Acorn elves site, it made more sense. However, I have kept my popular t-shirts for cyclists, graphics and geeks in the range and will definitely add a few more cycling themes in the future and maybe some more cycling-themed products.

Who is the author?

The author of the Acorn elves and all graphic designs is me - Petr Vaclavek. You can read more about me on my personal blog.

Who prints the products?

Because I'm a graphic designer, I enjoy designing and a bit of marketing too, I've left the printing to the professionals - the guys at Westprint take care of it.

What about the Acorn elves?

Acorn elves came about sort of by accident - first it was fun for the kids and then it was more fun for me. I'm still having fun today - I'm always gluing and inventing new creatures... but you can read more about them in another section of the site.

Acorn elves e-shop operator

Smartpixels s.r.o
Smržovská 828, Prague 9 Klánovice, 190 14 (please do not send anything to this address)
ID: 248 53 984
The company is registered under No. C 201085, registered at the Municipal Court in Prague

Smartpixels s.r.o. (i.e. me) only operates this web interface (e-shop) and forwards all orders to Westprint (Eintopf s.r.o.), which is the actual seller.


Sells all merchandise, handles orders, claims and t-shirt exchanges (please send merchandise to this address for claim or exchange)

Eintopf s.r.o.
Nerudova 50, 441 01 Podbořany
IČ: 02436736
DIČ: CZ02436736
registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem, Section C, Insert 37391