Books, and folding picture-books with Acorn elves. For bigger and smaller readers.

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obal s cd
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Audiobook on CD containing two books - Dubánek ve světě lidí and Dubánek a tajný vzkaz. Open the door to Acorn elves world. Acorn little forest man sets out to explore the...

listy cover big
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It will be released in March 2023, as soon as we have it in stock, we will shipAcorn elve's worksheets for young readers and writers.More than one little boy or girl has...

front acorn elves
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In mid-September 2022, a new book with full-page photographs of acorn elves will be published by OMAKE books in France: Acorn Elves – the lovely creatures from...

front ve svete lidi
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The new Acorn elves book for children is here! A thrilling story by Klára Smolíková, more than 40 photos, a board game and a hide-and-seek game are waiting for you. Maybe...

front dubanci sprymy
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Book Dubánčí šprýmy
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Book of poems by Martin Kinc and photos by Petr Vaclavek. Give wings to your imagination and imagine the playful and somewhat crazy world of acorn elves. And believe me,...

cover front
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A book of my selected inktober illustrations from 2020 to 2022, published just for fun.Inktober is a global monthly drawing challenge where graphic artists create one...

Small book Dubánčí den - veršovánky s dubánky
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Second book for the smallest fans of Acorn elves (the first one is a book  The Year of the Acorn elves), has the same format and design as the previous book - 14 pages 15 x...

Small book Dubánčí rok - veršovánky s dubánky
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Booklet for the smallest fans of Acorn elves - on 14 pages 15 x 15cm you will learn what they do during the year, how they frolic and perform all sorts of mischief. Everything...

Book Dubánci - příběhy jednoho roku
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Finally our joint work - book of Acorn elves stories was published. It was written by my classmate Slávek Rydval with his wife Leona Št'astná and I added Acorn elves photos and...