Book Dubánek ve světě lidí (Acorn elf in the world of people)

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The new Acorn elves book for children is here! A thrilling story by Klára Smolíková, more than 40 photos, a board game and a hide-and-seek game are waiting for you. 

Maybe you too have spotted an Acorn elf among the fallen acorns under an oak tree or discovered a tiny house made of bark, sticks and moss in the forest. Maybe one of the oak folk even waved hello to you. If you're shaking your head and you've never seen an acorn elf before, keep your eyes peeled. Next time, you're bound to notice them.

When the woods quiet down in winter and the snow falls, the acorn elves move into the old oak tree. Only Borek, the curious mischief-maker, runs out into the frost to make sure he doesn't miss anything. He wants to know why people don't wade through the snow drifts with their walking sticks and why their gardens and roofs glow so beautifully in the dark before Christmas. But his curiosity proves fatal and Borek is kidnapped from the forest in front of his friend Lidka. Unexpectedly, he finds himself in the people's house, and he has no idea that Elvis the cat lives with them!

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  • written by Klára Smolíková
  • photographed by Petr Vaclavek
  • will be published in October 2022 by Triton publishing
  • 84 pages on coated paper
  • ISBN: 978-80-7684-119-2