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New Tip
180 Kč

Acorn elves game BINGO is an observation game designed mainly for trips to the countryside, but two of the variants you can play also at home in the living room.As in the...

houbari front small
150 Kč

Mushroom pickeris the Acorn elves version of the game "Boats" - only instead of diving boats at sea, the Acorn elves search for mushrooms in their opponent's forest. The first...

betlem papirovy omalovani1
80 Kč

Acorn elves Nativity Scene, in the form of a painting and cutting out activity - children first colour the nativity scene (with crayons, wax, markers, watercolours) and then cut...

Dubnetky – mag(net)ic acorn elves puzzle, DIY kit
449 Kč

Do you want to build your own Acorn elf, but you are not skilled enough to work with a melt gun or you don't have a supply of acorns and other natural materials? No matter, from...

Acorn elves memory game
80 Kč

Acorn elves memory game with an extra card for playing Black Peter / Old maid. The product includes a box for all 69 cards (the set includes the classic  2 × 32 cards, 4...

The second Acorn elves memory game
80 Kč

Second Acorn elves memory game this time with new pictures on the cards. However, the format and backside are the same, so feel free to mix it with the first Acorn elves memory...

pexeso potvurky small
New Tip
80 Kč

Memory game with my autumn creatures made of natural materials and photographed on a white background. Fans have come up with fantastic  names for them on social media, but you...

Acorn elves puzzle in frame, 54 pieces
229 Kč

Puzzle with Acorn elf in cardboard frame only (without box), consisting of a total of 54 pieces, with the motif of an Acorn elf on a stump, snacking on strawberries and...

Acorn elves puzzle in a box, 100 pieces
349 Kč

Acorn elf motorcycle puzzle in a box, consisting of a total of 100 pieces. The total size of the puzzle is approximately 33 x 30 cm. See also a smaller version of the Acorn...

Acorn elves DIY gift set
130 Kč

Want to give your friends an original creative gift this autumn? Then this kit is perfect for you! The set includes a smaller canvas bag (14 x 22 centimeters) with an Acorn elf...

nalepky stavebnice
New Tip
150 Kč

Several sheets of stickers for assembling Acorn elves - each sheet contains almost 150 stickers, which can be used to assemble 14 Acorn elves (11 boys and 3 Acorn elves girls):...

Acorn elves memory game - English version
80 Kč

English version of the Acorn elves memory game (you can find the Czech version of the game here) suitable for your friends and buddies abroad. It looks the same as the...

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