Other Acorn elves products

Other Acorn elves products that I failed to include in the previous categories.

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New Tip
130 Kč

A clean A5 size ring binder featuring the popular cycling motifs of Acorn elves on the front and back cover, which is made from heavy cardboard so it will last you a really long...

New Tip
150 Kč

Set of three A5 size notebooks with beautiful Acorn elves motifs on the front and back cover in coated paper. There are lined and unlined notebooks. The workbooks have 20 pages...

1448/3 C
New Tip
130 Kč

Dotted A5 size notebook with Acorn elf under a mushroom on the front and Acorn elf eating strawberries on the back. The block's boards are made with heavy cardboard so the block...

hrnek jahody boruvky nahled
New Tip
Mug with Acorn elves
Printing in 5 days
199 Kč

Mug (one) with a beautiful Acorn elves motif and it's up to you which print you choose. There are plenty of options to choose from, some motifs take up almost the entire surface...

termoska pampelisky nahled
New Tip
Thermos with Acorn elves
Printing in 5 days
from 399 Kč

Thermos with a funny Acorn elves motif - as with the mugs, you can choose what motif will be on the thermos. But in addition, you can also choose its size. There are currently...

New Tip
130 Kč

Lined A5 ring binder with a sailor Acorn elf on the front cover and an Acorn elf resting on a sunflower on the back. Both covers are made from heavy cardboard so the notebook...

nove placky
160 Kč

Set of 4 badges with Acorn elves motifs with a diameter of 58 mm, three of them have a classic closing pin and the last one serves as a bottle opener and is equipped with a...

Smaller badges with Acorn elves
160 Kč

After the success of the set of large Acorn elves badges, I prepared another set, this time with a smaller diameter.  The set includes three 44 mm diameter badges with...

betlem papirovy omalovani1
80 Kč

Acorn elves Nativity Scene, in the form of a painting and cutting out activity - children first colour the nativity scene (with crayons, wax, markers, watercolours) and then cut...

produkt fotokoutek
80 Kč

Set of paper Acorn elves accessories for photo booth especially at weddings. But you'll also have a lot of fun with it at home. On 3 sheets of hard matte A4 paper you will...

Acorn elves wall stickers
from 79 Kč

Large acorn elves wall stickers - ideal as decoration for children's room. There are both stickers with photographic motifs and one-colour stickers with drawn acorn people. You...

Set of Acorn elves mugs
299 Kč

Set of two Acorn elves tea cups with drawings. The first mug has an illustration of a resting Acorn elf with a newspaper on one side and the other has an acorn elf cyclist. The...