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Set of 15 Easter postcards showing how the Acorn elves experience Easter - a smile and a joke not to be missed:

    • Acorn people painting Easter eggs
    • when they don't like doing it by hand, they use technology
    • of course they break a few Easter eggs while painting, but at least they have something to play with
    • when they get tired of painting stripes, they draw a friend on the egg
    • the best Easter eggs they can take back to their house
    • they can also knit a pom-pom and teach the younger ones to do it
    • and of course they can play funny games with the eggs
    • on Easter Monday, they run through the woods with a pom pom to get something good
    • the set is accompanied by two more spring photos - an Acorn elf with crocuses and an Acorn elf stroking a catkin on a wand

The set contains 15 unique motifs size B6 - just under 13 × 18 cm (a classic postcard stamp is sufficient for mailing). The back side is equally original - the lines for writing the address are made with oak twigs.