New Christmas cards

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A new set of 15 original postcards documenting how the Acorn elves celebrate Christmas.

  • Acorn people as devil, St. Nicholas and angel
  • Acorn elves bake gingerbread and linzer candy 
  • decorate the Christmas tree with their own acorn ornaments, untangle the lights and, of course, climb to the top of the tree 
  • playing with red Christmas decorations 
  • they cut up an apple tree in a family circle to see what kind of year they're going to have 
  • she's blowing out her shell boats with candles 
  • keep a carp scale under the plate 
  • dreaming and building snowman 
  • And on New Year's Eve they practice an adrenaline sport - champagne cork riding

The set contains 15 unique motifs size B6 - just under 13 × 18 cm (a classic postcard stamp is sufficient for mailing). The back side is equally original - the lines for writing the address are made with oak twigs.