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Best of 2018
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I've been meaning to release a new set of postcards for a long time, I wanted to do a set with animals or a set with vehicles, but I was still short on themes. In the end, I...

Selection of postcards with Acorn elves
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A selection of the first postcards with Acorn elves. They include a cyclist, divers, cherry eater, drunkard, reader, footballer, coffee drinker, nut thief, guitarist, hikers,...

Wedding announcements with Acorn elves
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I always prepare wedding invitations with Acorn elves personally according to the requirements of the engaged couple, therefore it cannot be ordered on the e-shop, but it...

Autumn Acorn elves postcards with mushrooms
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Second set of Acorn elves postcards, this time featuring Acorn elves with mushrooms in the forest - the perfect gift for mushroom pickers and mushroom lovers.  The set...

Forest postcard of Acorn elves
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Autumn is a magical time of the year, especially for the Acorn elves - nature is turning colours, chestnuts and acorns are ripening and especially mushrooms are growing. So it...

Winter and spring postcards with Acorn elves
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This is the third set of Acorn elves postcards, this time with winter (Acorn elves on skis, with a snowman, on skates or a doublet making an angel in the snow) and spring...

sada1 front
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The summer play set includes: Dubánek Summer Activity Book - 48 pages of fun, activities, puzzles and creative making. The Mushroomers game - a dubanic variant of the...

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This set includes: Dubánek Summer Activity Book - 48 pages of fun, activities, puzzles and creative making. A second Acorn elves memory game - great for rainy days, you can...

nalepky male
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2x3 sheets of Acorn elves stickers with Czech texts - funny messages, announcements for different occasions. Set contains two different sheets in three copies. They are A5...