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Just like last year, I went through all the Acorn elves photos I took in 2019 and picked out the best bits, which I then transformed into a comprehensive collection of new postcards:

  • the astronaut's canopy
  • several spring motifs with snowdrops, daffodils and other flowers
  • lots of woodland motifs, including one view perfect for St. Patrick's Day
  • acorn elf on his motorbike at full speed and also an elf frolicking on a bike or going at devilish speed on a snail
  • one holiday motif from the sea with Zulda the dog
  • a Christmas motif of baking gingerbread and a New Year's Eve motif with champagne
  • our second cat Beda chatting animatedly with the acorn elf on our bench

The set contains 15 unique motifs size B6 - just under 13 × 18 cm (a classic postcard stamp is sufficient for mailing). The back side is equally original - the lines for writing the address are made with oak twigs.