Best of 2020

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Like every year, this autumn I went through all the photos I took in 2020 and selected the best pieces, which I then edited in a collection of new postcards:

  • Acorn elf weightlifter dandelion dumbbells
  • Acorn elves girl with flowers or as a tulip fairy over a sakura blossom or walking with a stroller
  • Acorn elf sportsman as a flyer on an autumn leaf, a paper swallow, a unicycle rider as a nightingale or at sea with a surfboard
  • Elf with a present (+ one remake of a famous scene from Forrest Gump)
  • As always, the Acorn elf can't miss being on the mushroom and once he's even on a mushroom (a moth) reading a suspenseful book
  • A spooky Halloween scene that thankfully turned out well
  • Acorn elf with a jumping dummy on a tree stump

The set contains 15 unique motifs size B6 - just under 13 × 18 cm (a standard postcard stamp is sufficient for mailing). The back side is equally original - the lines for writing the address are made with oak twigs.