Creatures memory game - English version

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An English version of the memory game with my autumn creatures made of natural materials and photographed on a white background, but this time without their names (here is the original Czech version of the game with names).

The product contains a classic set of 64 cards (32 creatures in total) of 5 x 5 cm size, 4 replacement cards for when lost (you have to draw the cheeks according to the lost cards), a Black Peter (Old Maid) card for the game Black Peter / Old Maid,  a box for all the cards, rules for both of these games (in English), plus three creature pieces for playing your favourite board games (just cut them out and glue them together).

The format and picture on the back of the pexes remain the same, so feel free to mix it with the first and second memory game and play the mega-game!